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Four core fields - geo, material, energy, and environment - give the world's oldest existing university of mining sciences a unique and distinctive profile as university of resources. The Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg has been pursuing this ideal since it was founded in 1765. To this end, all departments of engineering, natural sciences, geosciences and economics are united in one academic institution. In this way, the university ensures versatile research and a scientifically sound and practice-oriented education for its students.

On this website you can register online for conferences, training courses, and other events organised by the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.

Order management

Creating an account:

Please register first to create a user account via „Account“/“Registration“. You have to provide your personal data including your address. You can always change your account information within the "My Account" section.

We need further information in order to apply German VAT on your transaction. If you are a member of a company located within the European Union, please provide your company’s name and your company's VAT number. You can add or change your company's VAT number as part of your address information. If you are a member of a company outside the European Union, please provide your company’s name.

In case of changes of the event format and a possible refund we need your bank details. Please submit your bank details to the organizer. The repayment can only be made by bank transfer.

Event registration

After having set up a user account, you can then register for an event on this website. Please select the appropriate event from the menu „Categories“ on the left. The individual booking steps are described in the following.

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You can change the number of registrations (in case of multiple participants) as needed. Afterwards, please proceed by clicking on the button "Add to Cart". Thereby the number of required event registrations will be placed into your cart. Please mind the required fields marked with an asterisk. By clicking on the „Checkout“ button  you can continue with your order.

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You will be provided with an overview of your order (selected number of registrations, billing address, payment method). Please check all information carefully and take notice of our general terms and conditions, data privacy statement as well as our cancellation policy. You will need to confirm your order, note, and agree the terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy by checking the respective boxes. You can then complete your order by clicking on the „ Buy for € …“ button.