How to order at this shop?


Please at first create an account in our webshop. You have to provide your personal data, as well as an address information. You can always change your account information ("My Account").

We will need further information in order to apply German VAT on your transaction.
If you are a member of a company located in a EU country, please provide your company's VAT No. (Taxvat). You can add or change your company's VAT No. in your address information.

Purchase of tickets

You can purchase tickets in the webshop as soon as you created an account.

My Cart

Select a product and add it to your cart by pushing the button "Add to Cart". Thereby the item is placed in your cart. Please note the required fields marked with a red star. By pushing the button "Order now" you continue shopping.

Order now

Please login with your email address and your password if you have already registered. Otherwise register to create a new account. We promise that any personal information, which you provide, will be treated in complete confidence and will be used to help us to continually improve our service to you, and will not be divulged to a third party. By pushing the button "Continue" you reach the next order step.

Select Billing Address and payment method

You can now select the billing address and the payment method. By pushing the button "Continue" you reach the next order step.

Place order / General terms and conditions / Data privacy

You get an overview about your order (selected products, billing address, payment method). Please check your data and read the general terms and conditions and the instructions of cancellation. You have to agree your order, the terms and conditions and the terms of cancellation by click the checkmark. Please also mark the box to get a confirmation of your order by email. You can complete your order by push the button “Place Order”.