Declaration of Privacy and Security

When you register with us, when you order from us, or when you modify your contact / membership details you will be asked to provide us with your name and address (including e-mail address). When you make a purchase online, your contact details and credit card number are collected by our payment processing company who provide the on-line customer credit verification service for our Internet Distribution.

The payment processing company will use your personal information only for credit verification purposes in the normal way as with any credit card transaction. Your credit card number will not be retained once the order has been passed to us for processing. We promise that any personal information, which you provide, will be treated in complete confidence and will be used to help us to continually improve our service to you, and will not be divulged to a third party.

If you do not wish us to retain any personal information about you on our records, please contact us by letter, fax or email and ask us to remove your personal information from our files. The registration and product ordering parts of the catalogue are fully secure. This means that your personal contact information, your order details and your credit card number can be supplied by you in the knowledge that they can not be viewed or accessed by a third party.